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Last updated: May 2007

A Farmer's guide to repel predators

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    To download a document (in Word format) on the PAL Bell System click here!

    The PAL Bell system is a solution to prevent stock losses
    When Eddie Steenkamp of the farm Doornboomsfontein (Thorn Tree Fountain) in the Beaufort West district in South Africa started losing on average 60 lambs a month to predators, he became desperate. He had to do something to save his core farming activity. Steenkamp then decided to do research into the behavior of predators such as jackal and caracal, the animals responsible for killing off sheep at an alarming rate. Eddie Steenkamp invented and developed the PAL Bell system. To read about this success story click here.

    Watch this space. Updates on more products will follow soon!

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    pal100.defaultpic.jpg - 3672 BytesThe PAL Bell System has been introduced with great success by numerous farmers in South Africa. To read more about it, click here.

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